Drone Light Shows | Pinnacle Festivals | United States

At Pinnacle Festivals, it is our vision to be the leading producers of themed-based immersive event experiences that create a positive impact on people, animals, community, and the planet.


  • To bring disparate communities together though the magic of a shared community experience 

  • To evoke a common shared experience of joy by creating imaginative and creative events 

  • To protect the environment and natural resources by creating events that reflect sustainability through zero-waste models and use of renewable energy 

  • To use designers and producing events that create space for people and connect wildlife and animals 

  • To create event experiences that are “low noise,” around commercial investment and sponsorship support 

  • To create events that are no or low cost to the public and free for children 

  • To partner with for-profit and non-profit agencies through strategic partnerships to advance vision and mission 

  • To bring together community engagement through art, music, food, and film


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4096 Piedmont Ave #552, Oakland CA 94611

(510) 747-9898